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TCAF 2022 Digital Programs Now Available on YouTube

Don't miss these exciting new digital programs, now available on our YouTube channel!

Neil Gaiman in conversation with Mark Askwith

Perhaps it’s easier to discuss what Neil Gaiman hasn’t done! The prolific creator behind such works as Coraline, American Gods, Good Omens, Stardust, Sandman, Swamp Thing, Secret Origins, The Book of Magic, The Eternals, and Batman, will be joined by Mark Askwith (Prisoners of Gravity, Space, and CHUM/CTV). Together, Gaiman and Askwith saw the beginning of the Toronto comics scene and its influence on other media like television and film. In this interview, they discuss the shifting shape of comics and delve into making comics, both then and now. Click here to watch.

Kids Detective Comics

What’s better than a mystery? Solving it of course! Get out your magnifying glasses, dust off your deerstalker hats, and follow the trail of clues right to this panel! John Patrick Green (InvestiGATORS) along with Nathan Page and Drew Shannon (The Montague Twins) solve some of the mysteries of making great comics for young readers! Click here to watch.

Seeing Sounds

Seeing Sounds returns with Volume 2. A collaboration between TCAF and Loop Sessions Toronto, Seeing Sounds is an event featuring a roster of three illustrators performing a live drawing session. The illustrators will be complemented by a roster of three beatmakers to provide a live soundtrack for an evening of creativity and great vibes. Click here to watch.

Family Ties: Personal and Global Conflicts in Comics

Whether it’s a deeply personal issue like facing an eating disorder, or a global issue like war or immigration, it will affect not only you but also your family. How do personal and global conflicts impact our own identities and our family relationships? Join Maggie Edkins Willis (Smaller Sister), Fabien Toulmé (Hakim’s Odyssey), and Dave Ortega (Días de Consuelo) as they explore family relationships and identity in comics. Click here to watch.

Anarchism and Comics

Gord Hill and Ben Passmore discuss the use of comics and zines to document and communicate their experiences and insights on organizing, anarchism, and counterculture. We explore what prompts one to choose this medium to share information and even mobilize. We will touch on intersections of anarchism abolitionism and critiques of pacifism and abolitionism. Click here to watch.


Hope Larson Spotlight

Navigating the ups and downs of teen stardom can be hard, but it’s always better when you have your friends beside you. Eisner Award winning author and illustrator Hope Larson (All Summer Long, All Together Now, All My Friends, Salamander Dreams, Chiggers, Mercury) sits down to talk about her popular Eagle Rock series, the magic of art in bringing people together, and the importance of friends and family in growing up and rocking out.

Magic, Realism, and Magicrealism: Creating Queer Comics

Sometimes the best way to communicate queer experiences is in a completely realistic way. Other times it’s best to communicate those experiences in a completely magical way. And there are even times where communicating them in a magic realism way is best! How do real worlds or magical worlds impact telling queer stories? Find out as we talk to creators Joris Bas Backer (Kisses for Jet), Axelle Lenoir (Secret Passages) and The Kao (Magical Boy) about creating their queer comics.

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