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View a Hullabaloo of Comics!

We're excited to display an exhibition of risograph prints courtesy of the talented students of Seneca Polytechnic!

This weekend at TCAF, head to the 3rd floor to see fabulous creations from graduates of the "Introduction to Comics Studio" course at Seneca's Illustration diploma program.


It was a regular day for (fill in protagonist) who was at (fill in setting), when all of a sudden (fill in antagonist) showed up and (fill in action) ensued!

This collection of comics showcases the culminating assignment for the introduction to comics studio course in the Illustration diploma program at Seneca Polytechnic. Students are challenged to write and draw a short, two-page comic based on the above narrative prompt. The objective for the project is to be open enough to enable almost any content of the students’ choosing, yet with specific art direction to demonstrate the elements of comics creation practiced earlier in the course. Students write the short narrative and then design their own characters, panel layout and colour scheme. The scene is set using aspect framing to establish the protagonist within a believable setting. The mood is then interrupted by the arrival of an antagonist whereby some kind of physical action ensues. 

The comic is finished in two-colours for risograph printing. Check out how each artist has imaginatively responded to the same art direction using different character dynamics and plot twists.

The project name, Hullabaloo, is a nod to cartoonist and educator, Lynda Barry, whose accessible approach to comics-making has inspired innumerable artists and non-artists alike to make their own comics. 

Illustration Faculty, Martha Newbigging

Illustration Program Coordinator, JoAnn Purcell

Printing by Colour Code. 

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