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Libraries & Education Day

TCAF Libraries & Education Day is a day of programming aimed at teachers, teacher-librarians, librarians,  library workers, and people in similar roles who want to know more about incorporating comics and graphic novels into their collections and classrooms.

Libraries & Education Day will be held virtually on June 17, 2022. 


Join us for information-rich presentations, panel discussions, and workshops impart valuable information about building collections, improving circulation, targeting important demographics, and integrating comics into classroom use.



Nate Powell (Save It For Later, Come Again, March) will speak about book challenges, the battle for information control, why we need to move from a reactive stance to actively participating in gaining control of how comics are defined and contextualized, how we can help keep comics in classrooms and libraries, and why comics are the most democratic mass storytelling medium.

Click here to learn more about Nate Powell.


Comics, Libraries, and Intellectual Freedom

Featuring: Amie Wright, Betsy Gomez, and David Robertson

There are increased efforts to ban books in libraries, schools, and universities, including comics and graphic novels representing people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Learn about how to start a discussion and what tools you can use to support and defend these needed resources.


Full STEAM Ahead!: Science and Environment Comics

Featuring: Tracy Edmunds, Remy Lai, and Kim Dwinell

Mixing fiction with non-fiction, comics are able to put the “Art” into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Learn about why comics are a good way to teach STEM concepts and how to ensure that they use accurate information and thorough research practices.


Publisher Speed Dating: First Second, Fantagraphics, Penguin Random House,

Drawn & Quarterly, Top Shelf Productions, Scholastic

Scroll down for publisher catalogues.


Let’s Talk Draw About Sex: Comics and Sex Education

Featuring: Dennie Park, Rakisha Kearns-White, and Cory Silverberg

Good sex education is important for the health and wellbeing of people of all ages. This session will discuss how comics can be effective at communicating information about sex and why you should make sure to have sex education comics in your collection or classroom.


Life Skills: Using Comics and Graphic Novels to Foster Empathy and Problem-Solving Abilities

Featuring: Shveta Miller and Johnnie Christmas

Comics and graphic novels are a unique way to model empathy and problem-solving skills. Learn how you can develop and promote ideas and programs using comics and graphic novels to assist readers in recognizing examples of empathy and problem-solving skills to help readers of all ages.


Publisher Speed Dating: Cloudscape, Portage and Main/HighWater Press, Renegade Press, Graphic Mundi, Udon Entertainment/Manga Classics

Scroll down for publisher catalogues. 

Penguin Random House Canada

Penguin Random House Canada

Portage and Main Press


Penguin Random House Canada

Penguin Random House Canada



Penguin Random House Canada

HighWater Press 

Renegade Arts

First Second

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