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This year, TCAF is offering the following digital programming events on selected days before and during the festival!

The programming events will have live premieres on our YouTube Channel, with some of the featured speakers there to interact and answer your burning questions! 

Additionally, this programming will be available on our YouTube page well after each day. So if you can't make it, no worries!


MONDAY  7:30 pm April 24

Leaving Home


On the heels of winning Canada Reads, critically acclaimed cartoonist Kate Beaton talks about her book “Ducks-Two Years In The Oil Sands” with tutor and graphic novel defender Mattea Roach. This game changing graphic novel brings to light timely issues of environmentalism, student debt, corporate exploitation, and gender violence. Ducks eloquently shares the quandary of having to leave the place you love for work and the thorniness of making that choice.


TUESDAY  7:30 pm April 25

What We Learned From Cartooning During The Pandemic


Moderator, AD ASTRA founder, cartoonist and illustrator Nicole Marie Burton speaks with Conundrum Press cartoonists Lynette Richards ( Call Me Bill), Kyle Vingoe-Cram (Kettle Harbour), Chris W. Kim (Adherent)and Kiona Callihoo Ligtvoet (We Were Younger Once) about pandemic times  strategies learned for finding inspiration and joy, keeping the creation juices flowing and maintaining mental health in the midst of chaos and isolation. What was it like to work on their graphic novels during this trying time? 


WEDNESDAY  6:00 pm April 26


Cartoonist and activist nicole marie burton (Ad Astra) in conversation with writer, poet, and screenwriter Wanda John-Kehewin about Wanda’s new YA  graphic novel. VISIONS OF THE CROW is the first volume in a graphic novel series written by Wanda and drawn by Nicole. The book follows Damon Quinn, a Cree-Métis and high school senior, as he navigates the challenges of his everyday life, from dealing with a troubled mother to facing bullying at school. As Damon experiences visions and the appearance of a mysterious crow, we learn his reaction:

“Your ancestors have called us to help you.”
“I think y'all have the wrong number.”

Wanda and Nicole will discuss the collaboration of working on a graphic novel, the care in sharing this story and what further volumes promise for readers.

WEDNESDAY  7:30 pm April 26

Binky Brown Meets The World- The Legacy of Autobiographic Cartoonists- Part One


Moderator, cartoonist and comics educator Georgia Webber (Dumb) talks about all things autobio with Peter Dunlap-Shohl (Nuking Alaska: Notes of an Atomic Fugitive), Rebecca Roher (Bird In A Cage), Dave Ortega (Días de Consuelo). The influence of autobiographic comic pioneers Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Diane Noomin and Justin Green is undeniable. What is the legacy they have left to cartoonists today, as well as other pioneers of the genre? How do these panelists approach this genre in their own comics and who were their inspirations?


THURSDAY  7:30 pm  April 27


Magical Drawing


Eisner and Harvey Award-winning illustrator and graphic novelist K.O’Neill (The Moth Keeper) and award winning illustrator and character designer Anoosha Syed (That’s Not My Name) in conversation about their creative processes, daily rituals and secret obsessions. Learn about what they are currently working on and future dream projects.


FRIDAY 10 am April 28


TREES - Comics Installation


A digital installation available over the weekend in person at TCAF. It is an experimental comic strip by Lorena Torres Loaiza; built as a looping, 3D page. Available online, on AR, and as a mechanical miniature. A pitch for a future of comics where cartoonists take both technologies and found objects and make them their own, warping these tools to fit comics instead of the other way around. Installed on the second floor of the library during TCAF, across from the elevators.

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