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Seventh Round Featured Guests

Raeghan Buchanan is an illustrator/writer from Eerie, PA, who currently lives in Columbus, Ohio. She is the creator behind the new ongoing series The Secret History of Black Punk (out now on Silver Sprocket). She has also recently self-published books Strange Glances, POCtober Sketchbook 1 and 2, and is featured in the Black Punk Now anthology (Soft Skull Press).

Chip Kidd is one of the most prolific book cover designers in American design history. Educated at Penn State, he started designing covers for Knopf in 1986, where he was responsible for 75 book covers a year. He is still employed at Knopf, an imprint of Random House, where he is an art director. He also oversees the production of comic book covers for Pantheon, another subsidy of Random House. His interest in comic books, graphic novels and pop culture have been a large influence on his work.

He has published two books, Cheese Monkeys and The Learners, both of which he designed himself. The typography within the book is used to subtly, and sometimes blatantly, make points along side the narrative contained within. His highly productive career has allowed him to work with many celebrities and authors, including Frank Miller, Dean Koontz, John Updike and David Sedaris. His book covers continue to influence designers and pop culture and many of them are widely imitated.

Comics publisher, producer, and video journalist Deni Loubert has had an illustrious career in the Canadian comics world and beyond. She is the founder of Renegade Press and former publisher for Aardvark-Vanaheim. She received an Inkpot Award in 1987 (given for lifetime achievement in comics at the San Diego Comic-Con) and was inducted into the Canadian Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2010. Loubert lives and writes in New Westminster, B.C.

Eunnie is a Korean American illustrator based in Washington. She loves exploring relationships through her art and writing, and finds much joy in the portrayal of queer intimacy. If You'll Have Me is her debut graphic novel, as well as her love letter to women and sapphics. When she’s not cooking up new stories, Eunnie spends her time napping, watching video essays, and collecting hoodies in every color.

Peter Kuper is an American alternative comics artist and illustrator, best known for his autobiographical, political, and social observations. Besides his contributions to the political anthology World War 3 Illustrated, which he co-founded in 1979 with Seth Tobocman, Kuper is best known for taking over Spy vs. Spy for Mad Magazine. Kuper has produced numerous graphic novels which have been translated into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Slovenian and Greek, including award-winning adaptations of Franz Kafka's Give It Up! and the Metamorphosis.

Mylo Choy finds comfort in the spaces between things. As a mixed-race and nonbinary person, moving between worlds feels like home to them. Born and raised in Wisconsin, they also developed a strong connection to Hawai'i, where their mother was born and raised. For over 10 years, they were employed in outdoor education, living and working in many places, including Maine and Hawai’i, but mostly between New York City and the woods upstate. They currently live in the Hudson Valley, exploring planting roots in one place for a while. Mylo’s work — ranging from music to graphic stories and comics — uses the inherent tensions of multimedia to bring to life the space they inhabit between worlds. Inspired by nature’s ability to offer peace and perspective, their work is contemplative without being brooding, and soothing without being escapist. Middle Distance is their first full-length graphic novel.

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