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TCAF 2022 Poster #2

TCAF is thrilled to share our second official TCAF 2022 poster, created by Freddy Carrasco!

Originally from Toronto and of Dominican ancestry, Freddy Carrasco is a Tokyo-based Author, Musician and Visual Artist capable of weaving his multidisciplinary talents to create vibrant characters and worlds—each of them having a sense of effortless originality and distinctive charm.

After developing a visual language in the Animation industry, Freddy spent a year writing and illustrating the award-winning graphic novel, GLEEM, while working on a farm in rural Japan. Since its release, he continues to explore alternative forms of creative expression, now working primarily in fashion, sculpture and music; collaborating with brands such as Nike, Adidas, Cartoon Network, and live painting at events across Europe.

Now back in Tokyo, Freddy is busy preparing his first solo exhibition exploring the themes of identity, heartbreak and the commercialization of youth culture in North America and abroad.

Find Freddy online on Instagram and at

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