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Looking for a Writer’s Grant? TCAF is a Recommender with the OAC!

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

TCAF is thrilled to work with the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) to provide grants to comic writers creating new pieces of work through the OAC Recommender Grants for Writers program. As a third-party recommender, we can allocate funds based on the contents of the application in relation to what we are looking for in your work as a comics writer.

If you would like to apply, we are looking for works exploring the breadth and diversity of comics. Successful applicants should demonstrate a solid commitment to personal expression through whatever genres or a mix of genres they choose to explore in their works. We will also consider non-fiction prose projects that explore comics history.

This program is for Ontario-based comic writers seeking a grant to help them in their new project. Organizations are not eligible for this program. Again, this is a third-party recommender program. The deadline to apply for this is January 13th, 2023. Grant amounts can range from $1,500 - $5,000.

In addition to being an Ontario resident. You must meet at least one of the following criteria: - one traditionally published book (minimum of 48 pages) for which you have a publishing contract and receive royalties; or - three traditionally published short stories, comics, poems, or other works for which you have received payment. Works can appear in magazines, newspapers, websites, and anthologies. Contest-winning work is considered a publication; or

- three years' professional presentation of comics work through work-for-hire creation jobs (editorial cartooning, creation for commercial comics franchises), sales at curated comics festivals, or gallery exhibitions; or

- two recent production writing credits for non-text media (radio, television, film, interactive digital media, and theatre).

As this is a third-party recommending program, writers will apply to the publishers and organizations designated as recommenders on the OAC website. You can apply here. Grants made from this program are made by OAC. We may not award grants instead of payment or impose conditions on applicants or recipients. For more information, visit the OCA’s website here.

You may only submit one application per recommender per program year. You may be recommended for funding by more than one recommender per program year.

We hope you will apply,

and we look forward to reviewing these applications!

For more information and to apply to the grant program, visit their website here.

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