Hey there! Here’s the complete list of programs taking place Saturday May 12 and Sunday May 13. For panels or events on other days or in the evenings, check our Events Page.

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2018 Programming Venues

Toronto Reference Library
789 Yonge Street
(at Asquith St.)

Beeton Auditorium (1st Floor)
Learning Centre (1st Floor)
Meeting Room 1 (1st Floor) (Portfolio Review)
Hinton Learning Theatre (3rd Floor)
Discussion Room (3rd Floor) 

Marriott Bloor Yorkville
90 Bloor Street East
(At Park St.)

Forest Hill Ballroom (Kids Area!)
Yorkville Room (Kids Live-Drawing Area)
High Park Ballroom
Summerhill Room 

Cumberland Terrace
2 Bloor Street West
(entrances on Yonge, Cumberland)

1st Floor Program Room
2nd Floor Zineland Terrace Program Room

Please note: TCAF is not using The Masonic Temple for any exhibitors or programming this year.

Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge St.

Beeton Auditorium (1st Floor, Library)


10:00 AM – Comics Coaching 101: Editing Bestselling Kids Comics – Meet the Yoda’s behind children’s graphic novels! Cece Bell’s El Deafo was the first graphic novel to win the prestigious Newbery Honor. Raina Telgemeier’s Smile connects to kids in droves. But like all champs, Cece, Raina and other kid lit stars have wise coaches (in this case, editors) who know a thing or two about how to turn a great story into a book that kids will devour. Jonathan Todd interviews superstar editors Susan Van Metre and Cassandra Pelham Fulton about what’s involved in creating best-selling books!

11:30 AM – Staying in Character: Writing for Legacy and Licensed Titles – As Bette Davis once said “Without wonder and insight, acting is just a business. With it, it becomes creation.” The same is true for people writing and drawing stories featuring licensed comics. What are the secrets to imbuing this wonder and insight into characters who have been around for generations? How do you find your own space when you’re filling such big shoes? Featuring Gale Galligan, Brenda Hickey, Ian Boothby, and Emma Vieceli. Moderated by Canya Selvakumar.

1:00 PM – Practical & Personal: Communicating Health in Comics – Authors Georgia Webber, Kriota Willberg, Julie Rocheleau, and Iasmin Omar Ata all have different experiences of health and writing about it in their work. Through a mix of personal stories and professional experience in health care, and the powerful medium of comics, each artist sheds light on their health-focused practices, and how their health has shaped their creative lives. Moderated by Whit Taylor.

2:30 PM – What Do You Do With An Idea? Comics v. Picturebooks – The line between comic books and picturebooks is getting blurrier every day, with many artists flourishing in both. Join Jillian Tamaki, Fiona Smyth, Ohara Hale, and Brian McLachlan as they discuss navigating the different ways that comics and picturebooks are made, their favourite children’s illustrators, what it feels like to become part of kid lit history! Moderated by Andrew Townsend.

4:00 PM – Queer Comics in Finland – H-P Lehkonen and Sara Valta are two queer comics creators from Finland. They met over 5 years ago when Sara thought she was straight and H-P thought he was a woman. Now they have both found themselves while working together! Learn more about their stories and the overall vivid queer comics culture in Finland. Moderated by Laura Kenins.



10:30 AM – D-D-D-D-Drawing! – Inio Asano Live Draw – TCAF 2018 Featured Guest Inio Asano will create a brand new piece of art right before your eyes! Come and learn more about the drawing style and techniques of this modern manga master!

12:00 PM – Personal Boundaries: Changing Shape of Memoir – What is the power of personal narratives when tweets, instagram photos, and snapchats are increasingly changing the norms of sharing personal information? Does the longer narrative of memoir become more relevant,a break from the bombardment of social media? Or will it soon be dismissed by readers who want more immediacy from a glowing screen? Featuring memoirist David B, Georgia Webber, Marguerite Dabaie, and Karl Steven. Moderated by Irene Velentzas.

1:30 PM – Quintessence du Québec – Come and join our annual check-in on the essential comics scene in Québec. Covering everything from the beautiful BD to the unique underground, this is a great place to get up to date on the great art and conversations that are happening in a comics community that seem both so close and so far from Toronto. Featuring Julie Rocheleau, Howard Chackowicz, Boum, and Gabor Bata! Moderated by Philippe Leblanc.

3:00 PM – Literally Illustrated Classics – What are the specific challenges artists face when adapting a beloved work into a graphic novel? Emily Carroll, David B, Meaghan Carter and Ron Wimberly discuss how to honour the original while adding something new to it, and updating and reworking problematic aspects of older work to bring it up to the standard of a contemporary audience. Moderated by Megan Kearney.

4:00 PM – Spotlight: Jaime Hernandez – Jaime Hernandez is indisputably one of the greatest comics illustrators of his generation. From the ground-breaking Love & Rockets to his new collection of Latin American folktales for kids, he has a distinct voice and depth to his story-telling that few others can match. In this panel, Jaime will talk about his long comics career, and what still inspires him today. Moderated by Heidi MacDonald.


Discussion Room (3rd Floor, Library)


10:00 AM – Spelling It Out – Lettering/Typography/SFX Workshop – As Chris Oatley said, “Good comic lettering is one of the most important ingredients for casting a story-spell on readers.” In this workshop, Jade Sarson will share some of the most magical tips and tricks for taking your comics page from ‘eh’ to ‘enchanting’!

12:00 PM – How to Launch a Comic Book Club – A book club is a perfect opportunity to expand the reading horizons of your friends and enemies. Comics journalist Philippe Leblanc and Helen Anderson will share their tips for launching a new comic book club, including how to connect and collaborate with your library. You’ll hear about their experience, what was successful, pitfalls to avoid and general suggestions to cater an excellent comic book “book club”.

2:00 PM – Collaborative Scroll Storytelling – The Collaborative Scroll is a drop-in comics exercise where everybody is invited to work together on a large tapestry of personal stories. Cartoonist Sean Karemaker will show participants techniques for drawing, composition, and storytelling. He’ll also help participants find ways to express their stories in this fun and unique format! Comics Forever Together!



10:30 AM – In the Studio: Master of Materials – Sanya Anwar, Meaghan Carter and Megan Kearny have a wide range of expertise in materials and technique for comics, storyboarding and illustrations. Luckily, they want to help people get the most out of the somewhat mysterious world of art materials. This is a great chance for creators and hobbyists alike to learn more about what artists use to make their illustrations truly pop!

12:00 PM – Learn To Paint The Ryan Heshka Way! – The amazing artist behind Mean Girls Club: Pink Dawn hosts a live demo where he’ll walk you through his method and process for creating his pin-up inspired retro art.

2:00 PM – What More Can I Say? – Writing Workshop w/ Lisa Maas – Ideas don’t just appear out of thin air, they come from your brain! But how do we get them out of there? Come and run through a number of idea generating activities with graphic novelist Lisa Maas (Forward), and learn some strategies for translating those fresh new stories into comics!

Hinton Learning Theatre (3rd Floor, Library)


10:00 AM – From the Personal to the Political – A favourite of  online comics is the personal essay — a comic that starts with a personal event, but quickly expands to address an issue affecting society as a whole, or exploring an idea, condition or controversy that has wider ranging impacts than the author’s experience allows for on its own. There’s an art to using your own stories to tell those of greater significance, picking moments, pulling out the best visual cues to connect with the emotions of your readership while maintaining an air of non-fiction balance. Featuring Ally Shwed, Whit Taylor, Maria Stoian and Isabella Rotman. Moderated by Eleri Harris.

11:00 AM – 21st Century Queer Romance: Pushing the Edges of Queer Love in Comics – Love is Love, right? Sure. But in the mainstream, love still tends to look a certain kind of way. In this panel, cartoonists Tommy Parrish, Hazel Newlevant, Eleanor Crewes, and Zora Gilbert from Margins Publishing talk about creating comics that showcase the more personal and radical sides of queer romance. Moderated by Erica Friedman.

12:15 PM – Spotlight: Vera Brosgol x Hope Larson – Best-Selling creators Vera Brosgol (Be Prepared) and Hope Larson (All Summer Long) talk about their new books, the secret to connecting with younger audiences, and glamour of telling stories set in Summer! Moderated by Scott Robins.

1:30 PM – Spotlight: Inio Asano – Inio Asano’s participation in TCAF 2018 marks his first-ever visit to North America, and we couldn’t be more excited! This on-stage interview will cover his varied and unique body of work, how he continues to change his voice with each project, and what to expect with his brand new book, Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction.

2:45 PM – Men in Comics – Men have a long history in comics, both as readers and as characters. This panel is a chance to talk about the decisions that creators make when writing and drawing male-identified people, as well as how these creators’ experience with men in comics have shaped their work. Featuring Caitlin Major, Spike Trotman, Iasmin Omar Ata, Shieka Lugutu, and Sanya Anwar. Moderated by Eleri Harris.

4:00 PM – Creative Couples – Words and Pictures. The perfect comics pairs. Well, except for the perfect comics pairs on this panel! Come and hear from Audrey Niffenegger & Eddie Campbell, Lewis Trondheim & Brigitte Findakly, and Yuko Ota & Ananth Hirsch as they talk about making comics with the one they love and loving comics with who they make with! Moderated by Glen Downey.



10:30 AM – Spotlight: Audrey Niffenegger x Eddie Campbell – Internationally renowned creators Audrey Niggenegger and Eddie Campbell are bringing Bizarre Romance to TCAF! This new quirky collection celebrates and satirises love of all kinds, through 13 different vignettes about love, loss, fairies, misbehaviour, regret, wanton wrongheadedness, cats, supernatural exterminators, spies, ghosts, more cats, more fairies, and a handful of ex-boyfriends. Join these two powerhouses as they talk about the new book, as well as their histories to and through comics. Moderated by Mark Askwith.

12:00 PM – Johnny Wander 10th Anniversary – Beloved webcomic Johnny Wander turns 10! Creators Ananth Hirsch and Yuko Ota look back on a decade of their megahit series, the freedom and foibles of autobio vs fiction comics, and what it’s like to raise a project into the double digits!

1:30 PM – Things That Go Bump In The Night – Since even before Tales from the Crypt horror stories have been used to teach morals and lessons about how to behave. But what place does that have in 2018, when horror is still largely used to uphold the status quo? Join Sarah Horrocks, Haeji Lee, gillian blekkenhorst, and Kate Drwecka in talking about what it takes to open a brand new vault of horror. Moderated by Allison O’Toole.

2:45 PM – Spotlight: Lewis Trondheim x Brigitte Findakly – Brigitte Findakly and Lewis Trondheim’s critically-acclaimed Poppies of Iraq tells the story of Brigitte’s memories and connection to her homeland. Come and join the two creators as they talk about their paths in comics, how they decided and managed to collaborate on such a personal book, and what drives them to tell stories. Moderated by Bart Beaty.


Learning Centre (1st Floor, Toronto Reference Library)


10:00 AM – Mixed Media – Comics are just the combination of drawings and words, right? Wrong! Come and listen marvelously multi-disciplinary artists as they talk about how they incorporate photography, music, video, maps, and more into their kaleidoscopic comics. Featuring James Kochalka, Michael Comeau, Maggie Umber, and Ryan Barnett. Moderated by Glen Downey.

11:00 AM – Spotlight: Chris Reynolds x Seth – Join Chris Reynolds and Seth, the team behind The New World (the recently reissued and revamped collection of Reynold’s work), as they talk about what it’s like to repackage and re-present a unique comics world for a new comics context.

12:15 PM – Creators for Creators – Creators for Creators are looking to help pave the way for the next generation of comics creators! They are an independent, non-profit organization working to encourage, support, and promote original works through grants and education. On this panel, C4C members Spike Trotman, Nick Dragotta, and David Brothers will talk about the work they do, as well as make a big announcement! Exciting!

1:30 PM – Comics x Games Presents: Tea Dragons Spotlight – Comic Publishers Getting Into the Game – Meet the game designers and artists who are working together with comics publishers to create playable worlds! VIZ Media has recently partnered with Portland-based Rose City Games to create original video games, starting with supernatural teen adventure The World Next Door. This year, we put the spotlight on The Tea Dragon Society, a card game adaptation of Katie O’Neill’s charming webcomic published by the Oni Games division of Oni Press. Discover how artists, publishers and game designers collaborate to form unique partnerships bridging two communities, each with their own challenges and rewards.

2:45 PM – What is the NCS? – The National Cartoonists Society (NCS) is the world’s largest organization of professional cartoonists, ranging from syndicated newspaper strips to editorial cartoons, graphic novels and more. If you’re a cartoonist thinking about signing up, this panel’s a great way to learn more!

4:00 PM – How To Read Nancy – Everything that you need to know about reading, making, and understanding comics can be found in a single Nancy strip by Ernie Bushmiller from August 8, 1959. Mark Newgarden and Paul Karasik, authors of the groundbreaking How to Read Nancy (Fantagraphics Books) will submit their findings in a fast-paced presentation.



10:30 AM – NCS: Rhymes With Orange – Hilary Price created the newspaper comics strip Rhymes With Orange by herself for 22 years. Then everything changed. Toronto-based cartoonist Rina Piccolo and Hilary Price reflect on their now one-year-old collaboration on Rhymes With Orange. What’s it’s like to bring on a new partner after working on a project by yourself for more than 2 decades? Come find out!

12:00 PM – NCS: Pooches! – Dave Coverly (Speed Bump) and Paul Gilligan (Pooch Cafe) create some of the most doggone funny comics that you’ll find between a pair of broadsheets. Join them as they talk about canine cartoons, pup-filled panels, and Marmaduke (maybe)!

1:30 PM – Comics x Games Presents: From Panels to Pixels – 3 Comic Artists Making Video Games – Three indie comic artists are taking their creative vision to the interactive digital world, with eye-catching results. Explore the shifting boundary between indie comics and video games with three projects in different stages of development: Tropical Depression Tendency, a visual novel where a seemingly flawless paradise masks deep trauma; Spinch, a psychedelic, fast-paced sensory experience; and Bravery Network, a Pokemon-for-adults futuristic fighting game with a hand-inked visual style. Learn about the diverse roles of the artist in the indie game dev process, from DIY development to collective creation.

2:45 PM – Are You Having a Laugh?: Comedy and Humour Comics – They’re called Funny Books for a reason! Join creators Ananth Hirsch, Tess Stone, Brian Clevinger and Nicholas Gurewitch as they talk about the process and pranks that they use in helping to keep the comedy in comics. Moderated by Ngozi Ukazu.

4:00 PM – The Raftsmen – In The Raftsmen Ryan Barnett and comic illustrator Dmitry Bondarenko create a dramatic and thrilling portrait of a long-forgotten seafaring adventure. Originally a documentary film project, this book combines comics with archival photography, film stills, news reports and contemporary interviews to retell the story of  four Frenchmen who sailed the Atlantic on a log raft made of nine telephone poles lashed together by a mile of rope. In this presentation, Ryan Barnett will discuss the process and strategies employed in adapting the story of The Raftsmen from screen to page.

Cumberland Terrace, 2 Bloor St. W.

1st Floor Programming Space


11:00 AM – Spotlight: Germany’s Spring Collective – SPRING magazine is produced annually by the same-named collective of women artists. Each  issue contains an unusual combination of comics, illustration and free drawing, realised using a wide variety of visual narrative techniques. Join SPRING member Stephanie Wunderlich as they discuss the history of their publication, as well as what it’s like coordinating a collective of more than 40 artists from Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, New York and other cities around the world!

12:15 PM – Spotlight: Hockey Noir – Set in the 1950s, Hockey Noir explores the classic hockey rivalry between Toronto and Montreal with a side of organized crime. Love, lust, scandal, blood, betrayal – in sudden death, who wins and who loses is determined not by fate but by the final shot. Librettist Cecil Castellucci and illustrator Kimberlyn Porter will talk about what it was like to bring their comics skills to the creation of this unique multimedia opera. Moderated by Ian Boothby.

1:30 PM – Country Comics and City Comics – As Jane Jacobs said “There is no new world that you make without the old world.” In this panel, cartoonists Michael DeForge, Sylvian Nickerson, Leif Goldberg and Cab will talk about how they explore cities in their comics, and how the places they live affect their work. Moderated by Daniel Marrone.

2:45 PM – Spotlight: Hartley Lin x Georgia Webber – After many years of serializing their respective series, TCAF Featured Guests Hartley Lin (Young Frances) and Georgia Webber (Dumb) are finally debuting their first major books! Check them out as they discuss grinding it out in the Canadian comics scene, hooking up with US publishers, and how they balance their comics careers with their non-comics lives. Moderated by Johanna Draper Carlson.

4:00 PM – Spotlight: Yvan Alagbé – Yvan Alagbé is a vital and innovative part of the French comics scene. In this spotlight panel he and Mark Nevins will talk about his artistic journey, founding a groundbreaking publishing company, and why now is the right time for the English-language debut of Yellow Negroes and Other Imaginary Creatures.



11:00 AM – Finding Your Publishing Niche – Spend one second in the aisles at TCAF and you’ll soon get the feeling that there are a million different cartoonists making a million different kinds of comics. And that’s true! But how do publishers decide who to publish? How do they look at all of those amazing comics waiting to be shared with the world and decide “Yes! This is what I want to put out! This is my market, my identity!” Featuring Françoise Mouly (Toon Books), Yvan Alagbé (Fremok), Annie Koyama (Koyama Press), and Luc Bossé (Editions Pow Pow). Moderated by Eleris Harris.

12:00 PM – From the Inside Looking Out: Comics and Mental Health – Since we’re all pushing to destigmatize mental health issues in all aspects of our lives, it’s a good time to check in on how that’s going in comics! Join cartoonists Tara Booth, Eli Howey, Sean Karemaker, and Zach Worton as they discuss how their experiences with mental health inform their work and practices. Moderated by Glen Downey.

2:45 PM – Historietas: Comics in the Spanish Speaking World – Welcome/Bievenido to a discussion all about Spanish comics! Even with major scenes in Spain, as well as Central and South America, the world of Spanish comics can sometimes get painted with the same brush. But this is not so! Come and join Liniers, Sergio García Sánchez, Nico Naranjo, and Constansa Salazar as they talk about what makes their comics communities unique. Moderated by Heidi MacDonald.


Marriott Bloor Yorkville, 90 Bloor St. E.

High Park Ballroom (Marriott)


11:00 AM – BD Today – Contemporary French Comics – The best-selling French comics sell 5x better than English comics in North America. That’s millions and millions of copies! Sacré Bleu! Join some of the most critically acclaimed voices in French comics to talk about what makes the French comics scene so magical, and what exciting books and artists we should keep our eyes out for. Featuring Yvan Alagbé, David B, Brigitte Findakly, Julie Rocheleau, and Lewis Trondheim. Moderated by Bart Beatty.

12:30 PM – LITTLE NEMO meets CAROUSEL – Carousel, the long running comics performance series, presents a tribute to Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo.  The show features cartoonists presenting their work from the Locust Moon Press anthology LITTLE NEMO: DREAM ANOTHER DREAM.  Besides being one of the greatest cartoonists of all time, Winsor McCay was also a popular and innovative vaudeville performer, so this show is a perfect way to honor his amazing legacy. With live readings and performances by: Maëlle Doliveux, Josh O’Neill, Alexis Ziritt, and more.  Moderated by R. Sikoryak. (Plus slide shows and animations created by McCay, Dean Haspiel, Peter Hoey & Maria Hoey, and Dave Proch, not appearing in person.)

2:00 PM – Queer Comics for Kids – Creators Jen Wang, Mariko Tamaki, Molly Ostertag, and Sfé Monster all making amazing all-ages comics. One thing their stories have in common though (aside from packing their comics with lots of action and adventure and intrigue), is that they write about and for queer kids. Join them as they discuss their experiences of bringing these books to life, as well as audience reactions, and what they still see being over/underrepresented in the field of kid lit! Moderated by Andrew Wheeler.

3:30 PM – Comic Book Confidential – 30th Anniversary Screening – Comic Book Confidential is a landmark documentary, surveying the histories of mainstream, underground, and burgeoning alternative comics scenes. Join documentary subjects Françoise Mouly and Jaime Hernandez in conversation with Mark Askwith (one of the film’s producers) as they talk about the film’s impact, the past 30 years of comics, and what they see in store for the next 3 decades!



11:00 AM – Republic City All-Stars: The Legend of Korra Comics Panel – Picking up where the show left off, The Legend of Korra comics tell the ongoing stories of Korra and Asami in the tumultuous Republic City. Creators Irene Koh, Jayd Ait-Kaci, and Vivian Ng will talk about their experience working on the Korra comics, being part of such a vibrant fan community, and what it’s like to be adding to the legacy of these characters. Moderated by Christine Chua.

12:30 PM – Celebrating 10 Years of TOON Books – Since 2008, Toon Books have been a leader in creating high-quality comics designed for children. Join Toon’s publisher, Editorial Director and Senior Designer Françoise Mouly in discussion with some of her All-Star illustrators (Jaime Hernandez, Sergio Garía Sánchez, Kevin McCloskey), as they talk about a decade of kids comics excellence. Moderated by Brigid Alverson.

2:00 PM – Adventure Teens! – What do teens get up to when no adults or kids are around? If you ask these authors, a whole heck of a lot! Join Hope Larson, Alexander Forbes, Molly Ostertag, and Dylan Edwards as they discuss the wild and amazing tests of courage they put their young characters through, and what it helps us learn about the most mysterious demographic. Moderated by Ardo Omer.

3:30 PM – More Life: Coming of Age Comics – Coming of Age stories work best when they connect readers to the eureka moments that come with growing up. So how do cartoonists learn these lessons for themselves? Have they? Featuring the stellar line-up of Michael DeForge, Hope Larson, Hartley Lin, Max de Radigues, Melanie Gillman and Kevin Czap, this panel will explore what it’s like to grow up in and with your comics. Moderated by Ardo Omer.


Summerhill Ballroom (Marriott)


11:00 AM – Book in Advance: Contemporary Travel Comics – Travelling is a chance for you to experience the amazing alchemy that comes from moving your body through new spaces, interacting with new people. And the beautiful, meditative quality of making comics then gives you the opportunity to really reflect and revel in the new you that has come home. Join Abby Denson, Oliver East, Allison McCreesh, and Christine Wong as they share how to best communicate the magic of travel. Moderated by Dylan Magwood.

1:30 PM – Spotlight: Ronald Wimberley – This weekend Ronald Wimberly is debuting LAAB, a bold new art tabloid exploring the intersections of identity and visual culture. Along with David Brothers, they’ll discuss what it’s like to create a space for these conversations, how to balance your critical and creative eye, and more!

2:45 PM – Truth Comes Out: Creating Comic Biographies – The best biographies take you on a wild ride through some of the defining moments of a person’s life. But what happens if that person is, well, boring? Or worse, what if you uncover skeletons in the closet of people you admire? Join biographers Max de Radigues & Wauter Manaert (Weegee), Julian Voloj (The Joe Shuster Story), Ho Che Anderson (King), along with biographical interpreters Jia Sung and Oliver East (Ley Lines) as they address the greatest question of all: Is fact stranger than fiction? Moderated by Brendan Montgomery.

4:00 PM – Debut Books Spotlight Saturday – Hear about some of the exciting new books debuting at TCAF 2018, including: A. Degen on Soft X-Ray/Mindhunters! E. Eero Johnson on Tsu and the Outliers! Kelly Bastow on Manfried the Man! Aaron Costain on Entropy! Moderated by David Brothers



11:00 AM – Debut Books Spotlight Sunday – Hear about some of the exciting new books debuting at TCAF 2018, including: Remy Boydell on The Pervert! Wauter Mannaert on Weegee! Ben Rankel on Frank! Eleanor Crewes on The Times I Knew I Was Gay! Moderated by David Brothers.

12:00 PM – Spotlight: Fiona Smyth x Michael Comeau – This weekend, local heroes Fiona Smyth and Michael Comeau are debuting two long-awaited works with the fellow local heroes at Koyama Press: Somnambulance and Winter’s Cosmos. Join these two titans as they talk about how their comics practice has evolved and contributed to Toronto’s growth into a vibrant comics hub. Moderated by Andrew Lesk.

1:30 PM – Spotlight: Ho Che Anderson – Ho Che Anderson is a hard creator to pin down. His comics cover all kinds of genres, including ground-breaking biographies, pants-busting porn, b-movie revelry, and more! His latest book, Godhead, explores science, religion, and corporate greed. In conversation with Aaron Broverman, Anderson will talk about how he approaches his various projects, and what it takes for a story or genre to grab his attention.

2:45 PM – Building a Comics Community – For a long time it felt like the only way to have a comics community was to go to a convention or an univinting comics shop. But now there are so many other ways! In this panel you’ll hear from publishers and gamers and printers and educators about how they find and foster communities around comics. Featuring Stephanie Wunderlich (SPRING), Andrew Stevenson (Toronto Comix), Sagan Yee (Hand Eye Society), Olivia Ongai (Pindot Press), and Althea Balmes. Moderated by Gina Gagliano.



Forest Hill Ballroom (Marriott)



11:00 AM – A Meeting of the Tea Dragon Society w/ Katie O’Neill – Come and help create brand new and beautiful Tea Dragons with New Zealand’s own Queen of Dragons, Katie O’Neill!


12:15 PM – Toon Books EXTRAVAGANZA! – Happy Birthday Toon Books! To celebrate, some of their best and brightest artists are getting together for a good old fashioned drawing party! Featuring Jaime Hernandez, Liniers, Kevin McCloskey, Sergio García Sánchez, and Frank Viva!


1:30 PM – We Dig Comics! w/ Kevin McCloskey – Kevin McCloskey, author, illustrator and professor shares fascinating facts about common creatures (including worms, fish, pigeons, and snails!)  from his Toon Books for beginning readers. He’ll share drawing tips (materials provided) and there will be plenty of gross-out fun! For all ages toddler and up.


2:45 PM – Baby-Sitter’s Club w/ Gale Galligan – Four friends and baby-sitting: what could be more fun? Baby-Sitter’s Club artist Gale Galligan talks about what it takes to write and draw stories about the BFFs in the BSC!


4:00 PM – Summer Camp Comics – Summer! It’s almost everyone’s favourite season! It’s got sunburns, it’s got bugs, it’s got the endless sweating. Wait…why does everyone love summer? Oh right, SUMMER CAMP! Come and hear from some of the summer loving-est creators as they explain why summer camp is the perfect place for learning and adventure! Featuring Vera Brosgol, Mariko Tamaki, Brooklyn Allen, and Melanie Gillman. Moderated by Ardo Omer.




11:00 AM – Sunday Morning Storytime! – Change out of your pajamas, wipe the sleep from your eyes, and get ready to read along with some of the great picture book creators at TCAF! Hear new tales from Liniers (Macanudo), Ohara Hale (Be Still, Life), Becky & Frank (Tigerbuttah), Kickliy (Musnet) and Christopher Green (Moon Full)!


12:00 PM – SPARKS! w Ian Boothby & Nina Matsumoto – Eisner Award-winning creators Ian Boothby and Nina Matsumoto have teamed up on Sparks!, the tale of two heroic cats inside a robotic dog. Come and join in on the fun as they talk about all the great things you can get done when you work together!


1:30 PM – The Spooky Comics Showdown – Creaking Doors! Clanking Chains! Spider Webs! If you’re still reading, then maybe you’re brave enough for this creepy drawing contest between some of the most perilously paranormal artists around! Featuring Laura Terry (Graveyard Shakes), Vera Brosgol (Anya’s Ghost), Adam Murphy (CorpseTalk), and Brooklyn Allen (Lumberjanes). Moderated by Brian McLachlan (Draw Out the Story).


2:45 PM – Great Gowns, Beautiful Gowns: Costuming and Comics – Fashion experts Cecil Castellucci (Don’t Cosplay with my Heart) and Jen Wang (The Prince and the Dressmaker) talk about the important role that clothes play in creating characters, and how what you wear can challenge how people see the world. Moderated by Robin Brenner.


Yorkville Ballroom (Marriott)




11:00 AM – Live Drawing: Fashion – Help Charise Mericle Harper (Fashion Kitty) and Jen Wang (The Prince and the Dressmaker) draw outrageous outfits and fun time threads!


12:15 PM – Live Drawing: Adventure/Sci Fi – Ben Sears (The Ideal Copy) and Natalie Riess (Space Battle Lunchtime) will take turns drawing out-of-this-world things like Spaceships! Aliens! New Planets! Strange Snacks!


1:30 PM – Cloud Spotting w/ Panda & Parrot – Hilary Leung and Niall Eccles debut their NEW Scholastic picture book, Stego-cumulus. They will chat about how their book was made and answer important questions like who is more like Panda/Parrot, followed by a book reading and an interactive drawing game.


2:45 PM – Live Drawing: Strips – Liniers (Macanudo) and John Martz (A Cat Named Tim) are great at making comic strips full of fun and feelings, and they want to show you how!


4:00 PM – Story Planet Presents: Charactermaker w/ Hilary Leung – Author/illustrator Hilary Leung celebrates the release of Reggie Rainbow’s Crazy Adventure by helping the audience start on their own story adventure using his super secret technique for creating amazing characters. Come join in the fun!




11:00 AM – Live Drawing: Comics Games v2 – Get nervous drawing? Learn some cartooning games to take the pressure off. Join Brian McLachlan, Kean Soo, Katie Shanahan, and Hilary Leung as they doodle their way through a whole new set of drawing games and activities. (Also great for parents who want to find a way to encourage and join in their kids’ love of drawing.)


12:00 PM – CRAFTY CAT w/ Charise Mericle Harper – Learn how to craft your way out of any situation with Crafty Cat creator Charise Mericle Harper!


1:30 PM – Johnny Boo and You! Comics Class w/ James Kochalka – While we’re getting excited for Johnny Boo and the Ice Cream Computer, the latest book from James Kochalka, come and learn how to turn anything you draw into delicious ice cream!


2:45 PM – Live Drawing: Boats – Lucy Bellwood (Baggywrinkles) and Rebecca Mock (Four Points series) will show you how to draw everything you need to sail the seven seas!