The Canadian Society for the Study of Comics/La Sociéte canadienne pour l’étude de la bande dessinée invites proposals for papers to be presented at our annual conference, on any and all aspects of comics, graphic narrative, picturebooks, and textual-visual arts. This year we would be particularly interested in receiving proposals on comics by and/or about indigenous peoples. Proposals from academics and independent scholars in all fields are welcome. The conference will take place in Toronto on May 11-12. Find information about the CSSC and our previous conferences on our website:

Please submit a proposed paper title and 200-word abstract, along with a brief 50-word biography and contact information, to by January 6, 2017.

The conference is held in collaboration with the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, a major international exhibition of independent comics artists and small publishers partnered with Toronto Reference Library, taking place May 13-14 2017.


The Canadian Society for the Study of Comics/La Sociéte canadienne pour l’étude de la bande dessinée is a scholarly association for the exchange of knowledge and research regarding all forms of graphic narrative.  The association is based in Canada and embraces an international membership.  Their principle activity, an annual conference, is once again taking place in partnership with the Toronto Comic Arts Festival.

Find out more information at

CSSC / SCEBD Academic Conference 2017 Schedule

All programs take place at The Marriott Bloor Yorkville, 1st Hotel Floor, unless otherwise noted.

Day 1, Thursday May 11

9:00-9:45 Pick up of badges and programmes / Registration

9:45-11:00 Panels

  • Panel 1A: Grotesquery and Nonsense | High Park Ballroom A
    Daniel Marrone, “In Excess: The Grotesque and the Baroque in Michael DeForge’s Ant Colony”
    Katie Turcotte, “‘No-One’s Ever Understood Anyone, No’: Nonsense Literature, Intermediality, and Muradov’s (In a Sense) Lost & Found”
    Keith Friedlander, “Beyond Alternative: Michael DeForge and the New Grotesque”
    Moderator: Daniel Pinti
  • Panel 1B: Transformation | Summerhill Room
    Josh Grant-Young, “‘And the seeds will be planted again…’: Environmental Lessons, Transformation and Love in Harvest”
    Emily Wilson, “From Pentominoes to Panels: Cognition, Comics, and Computer Games in Box Brown’s Tetris: The Games People Play”
    Robert Hutton, “Looking for Myths: The Metatextual Fantasies of Alan Moore”
    Moderator: Jing Zhang

11:00-11:15 Break

11:15-12:30 Panels

  • Panel 2A: Sexuality and Superheroes | High Park Ballroom A
    Anna Peppard, “Does the Thing Have a Thing?: Reading the Absent Penis in Marvel Comics”
    Cia Jackson, “Romancing Harley: Sexuality and Subversion in DC’s Harley Quinn”
    Roy T. Cook, “Cloak, Castration, Dagger, Penetration”
    Brian Johnson, “Dazzler, Melodrama, and Shame”
    Moderator: Keith Friedlander
  • Panel 2B: Morals and Ethics in Comics | Summerhill Room
    Thomas Brown, “Good and Evil: Ethics of Content Inclusion in Comic Books”
    Etienne Domingue, “Mixed Messages: Myth as Both Source and Critique of Violence in Superhero Narratives”
    Travis D. Smith, “Constructs of Order in the Cosmos and Corps”
    Moderator: Jonathan Chau

12:30-1:45 Lunch

1:45-3:00 Keynote

  • Keynote Address | High Park Ballroom
    Rebecca Wanzo, Washington University in St. Louis “Never Post, Always Present: African American Underground Comix and Post-Race and Post-Feminist Imaginaries”

3:00-3:15 Break

3:15-4:30 Panels

  • Panel 3A: Comics and Monsters I | High Park Ballroom A
    Chris McGunnigle, “‘The Difference Between Monsters and Heroes’: The Visual-Verbal Rhetoric of Marvel Monsters and the Transition into the Superhero Genre”
    Philip Smith, “‘Corpses… Coast to Coast’: Science and the Monster in 1950s Horror Comics”
    Glenn Willmott, “Why We Like Monsters in Comics—Archie, for Example”
    Moderator: Chris Koenig-Woodyard
  • Panel 3B: Comics and Indigeneity | High Park Ballroom B
    Clifford Marks, “Sherman Alexei’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian: How Upending Genres Helps Destroy Stereotypes”
    Taylor Green, “‘I’m Better than Fine, Actually’: Equinox, Justice League Canada, and Moral Perfectionism”
    Jonathan Chau, “Theorizing Indigenous Comics as a Strategy of Survivance”
    Moderator: Candida Rifkind
  • Panel 3C: Comics in Classrooms | Summerhill Room
    Chester Scoville, “Multimodalities Multiplied: Teaching Comics in an Active Learning Classroom”
    Noah Kenneally, “Kids and Cartoon Research: Cartoons and Comics as Graphic Elicitation with Young Children”
    Lucio Luiz, “Social Representations of Comics by Teachers of Basic Education”
    Moderator: Irene Velentzas

4:30-4:45 Break

4:45-6:00 Panels

  • Panel 4A: Comics and Monsters II | High Park Ballroom A
    Jing Zhang, “Monstrous Women in Chinese Comics: A Case Study of the Theme of Snake Woman”
    Chris Koenig-Woodyard, “Gender, Genre, and Monstrosity in Marjorie Liu’s Monstress”
    Dale Jacobs, “The 1976 Project: A Year in Comic Book Publishing”
    Moderator: Chris Koenig-Woodyard
  • Panel 4B: (Un)Covering the Past | High Park Ballroom B
    Daniel Worden, “The Legacy of Conquest Comics: Texas History Movies, Jack Jackson, and Colonialism”
    Irene Velentzas, “Picturing the Polyptych: Documenting the Hand-Drawn Trauma”
    Jorge Santos, “Tropes and Transfer: Stuck Rubber Baby and a Politically Useful Civil Rights Past”
    Moderator: Clifford Marks
  • Panel 4C: European Comics | Summerhill Room
    Paul M. Malone, “Prototypes in a German Hippie Paradise: Peter-Torsten Schulz and Michael Ryba’s Schindel-Schwinger”
    Sean Eedy, “Comics and Power in the German Democratic Republic”
    Philip Smith, “Un livre pour enfants: Mickey au Camp de Gurs as Picture Book”
    Moderator: Barbara Postema

6:00-?? CSSC Social | At the Firkin in Bloor, 81 Bloor Street East

Day 2, Friday May 12

9:00-10:00 CSSC/TCAF Joint Keynote Address | Appel Salon, Toronto Reference Library

  • Charlie Adlard, “My Life as a Comics Laureate”

10:10-10:15 Break

10:15-11:30 Panels

  • Panel 5A: Récit, narration et experimentation | Rosedale Room
    Sylvain Lemay, “La bande nin-dessinnée : Les Terriens de Réal Godbout”
    Jean Sébastien, “La naissance de soi à soi-même”
    Christian Quesnel, “Les anacoluthes visuelles : passerelles temporelles dans la bande dessinée”
    Moderator: Chris Reyns-Chikuma
  • Panel 5B: Rereading Classics | Summerhill Room
    Joseph Willis, “Mad Women in Genosha: The Fear of Female Sexuality, Power, and Autonomy in The Dark Phoenix Saga, Avengers Disassembled, and House of M”
    Dru Jeffries, “Kubrick via Kirby: On Marvel Comics’ 2001: A Space Odyssey”
    J. Andrew Deman, “For My Dream to End in Flames and Glory: Re-Reading Chris Claremont and the Best-Selling Comic of All Time”
    Moderator: Kalervo A. Sinervo

11:30-11:45 Break

11:45-12:45 AGM | Rosedale Room

  • CSSC Annual General Members Meeting

12:45-1:45 Lunch

1:45-3:00 Panels

  • Panel 6A: Colonialism |
    Michelle Bumatay, “Indigeneity and Authority in Rwanda: The Historiography of Belonging in Pawa”
    Safiyya Hosein, “Comics and the Epistemology of Orientalism: An Analysis of Sooraya Qadir”
    Natalie Garceau, “Oumpah-Pah le Peau Rouge: Comical Colonialism”
    Moderator: Brandon Christopher
  • Panel 6B: (Self)Constructing Women | Rosedale Room
    Eleanor Ty, “The Un-erotic Dancer: Sylvie Rancourt’s Melody”
    Eileen Mary Holowka, “Embodied Gutters: Spatially (Re)constructing Ana Medieta’s Life, Art, and Body in Who is Ana Mendieta?”
    Haniyeh Barahouie, “Dichotomous Identity of the Transnational Individual in Persepolis”
    Moderator: Joseph Willis

3:00-3:15 Break

3:15-4:30 Panels

  • Panel 7A: Disability | Rosedale Room
    Daniel Pinti, “‘Okay… This Looks Bad’: Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Hawkeye as Post-9/11 Text”
    Derek Newman-Stille, “Echoes of Erasure: David Mack’s Engagement with Indigeneity and Deaf Culture in Echo: Vision Quest”
    Evi Tampold and Carol Nash: “Towards Depathologizing Alzheimer’s Disease Through the Aid of a Graphic Novel”
    Moderator: Daniel Marrone
  • Panel 7B: Remediation | Summerhill Room
    Chris Reyns-Chikuma, “Framing Adaptation: Adapting the Frame from Painting to Theatre to Bande dessinée”
    David Scott Diffrient, “Contemporary Comic Books and Hollywood Noir: Recycling Cinematic/Cultural Memory in The Fade Out”
    Haniyeh Barahouie, “The Theatrical Adventures of Tintin”
    Moderator: J. Andrew Deman

4:30-4:45 Break

4:45-6:00 Panels

  • Panel 8A: Forms and Contents | Rosedale Room
    Kalervo A. Sinervo, “More than Half the Page: Arguing Comics and Colour”
    Brandon Christopher, “Mixed with Baser Matter: ‘Shakewashing’ Manga in Manga Shakespeare: Hamlet”
    Ryan Prittie, “Time, Space, and the Presentism of the Manga Form in Scott Pilgrim”
    Moderator: Emily Wilson
  • Panel 8B: Redrawing Landscapes / Cityscapes | Summerhill Room
    Laura Nallely Hernández Nieto, “Landscape and Urban Imaginary of Mexico City During the Forties in the Comic Book Los Superlocos (The Supercrazies) by Gabriel Vargas”
    Andy Brown, “The Comics of Fish Piss”
    Moderator: David Scott Diffrient