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The Academic Hour, by Keren Katz

Format: Trade Paperback
Price: $11.00
Pages: 176
ISBN: 978-0-9962739-5-4

The Academic Hour is the debut graphic novel from internationally acclaimed artist, Keren Katz.

The Academic Hour charts the romance between Pothel, a disgraced architecture professor, and his student, Liana. Told in a series of surreal, vibrant vignettes, and set in a fantastic, logic-defying college of shifting rooms and secret performance spaces, The Academic Hour affirms how an intense, fledgling relationship can ignite the impulse for storytelling with unbridled, ferocious creative energy.

“Katz’s style stands out immensely amidst a sea of computer-generated artistry. Her penchant for leaving things not perfectly colored, her exaggerated human proportions and the overall whimsy of the scenes she depicts are things that make her work endlessly interesting to examine.” – Trendhunter

Keren Katz has been racking up accolades in recent years, including the Sequential Artists Workshop’s 2014 Micro-Grant, the Society of Illustrators’ 2015 Silver Medal and the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art’s 2015 Award of Excellence. Her beautifully textured illustrations dance across the page. Her drawings have appeared in the Brooklyn Rail, Time Out, Seven Stories Press and the New York Times. The Academic Hour, her first graphic novel, is long overdue.

“Keren Katz’s comics transcend the medium, the text is poetry, the drawings are dance, the stories are not like anyone else, she is a true original.” – Richard McGuire, author of Here.

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