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ISBN: 978-1-927668-44-3
7 x 9”, 120 pages, b&w, trade paper
Koyama Press
May 2017

Collecting the moments that make up the days of a bipolar artist and mother. They are messy, funny and real.

In an era where personal lives are meticulously curated and presented, Keiler Roberts’ unflinching and intimate comics reveal real life to be as absurd as it is profound. In a sequence of vignettes, Roberts delineates the complicated life of a mother and artist that can be comical, melancholic and delightful.

“Keiler Roberts’ autobiographical graphic memoir captures the feeling of being a parent as well as an artist and writer better than any book I’ve ever read. There are no cliffhangers or life lessons. It’s more about the texture of being alive: the melancholy, the unexpected small delights, and its unavoidable sense of aloneness. This book is written with insight, intelligence, and a deadpan sense of humor. I loved it.” — Roz Chast