Søren Mosdal


Søren Mosdal is a danish comics artist, born in 1972 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Søren Mosdal’s comics, often produced in collaboration with fellow copenhagener and author Jacob Ørsted, has been published in a myriad of danish and foreign anthologies, like Kus, Kuti Kuti and Stripburger.

Søren Mosdals latest graphic novels include Lost Highway (2011 Edition Moderne), the story of the American country & western legend Hank Williams’s life and death, and Fimbulvinter (Danish, Aben maler 2014) Erik Le Rouge, roi de l’hiver (French, Casterman 2014) Erik the Red. King of Winter (English, Centrala 2016), Eryk Rudy. Opowieść zimowa (Polish, Centrala 2016), about the famous viking.

Sørens newest book is Metrozone, a post-apocalyptic science fiction story.