Ronald Wimberly

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Ronald Wimberly is an artist who works primarily in design and narrative. He is also an accomplished cartoonist, having designed several graphic novels as well as shorter works for DC/Vertigo, Nike, Marvel, Hill and Wang, The New Yorker, and Dark Horse. His most recent works of note were the critically-acclaimed Prince of Cats, Black History in Its Own Words, and the cartoon essay “Lighten Up” for The Nib. He is premiering the first issue of the magazine LAAB.


Beehive Books

Ronald Wimberly can be found at Table #134 (Beehive Books)


Spotlight: Ronald Wimberley – Saturday, 1:30PM, Summerhill Ballroom (Marriott)

Literally Illustrated Classics – Sunday, 3:00PM, Beeton Auditorium (1st Floor, Library)