MORTON: A Cross-Canada Rail Journey

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MORTON: A Cross-Canada Rail Journey
David Collier

ISBN 978-177262-012-2
7×10 inches, b/w, 160 pages
softcover, $20
Published by Conundrum Press

May 2017: Canada / UK
Sept 2017: US

A graphic memoir lamenting the loss of train travel, the grip of family, mortality, art, and the human condition, with many other digressions thrown in for good measure. The book opens in media res as Collier finds out about his grandmother’s death. While trying to publish his next book another close death shocks him into action. His dream is to travel with his wife and son across the country by rail, before it is too late. Through the passing landscape he introduces his family (and the reader) to his old way of life and tries to track down the many characters with whom he has lost touch. Collier, who has been called “a national treasure,” has produced his most ambitious work to date.

Chimo is an idiosyncratic, compelling and hilarious musing-in-comics that I couldn’t put down… It’s unlike anything I’ve read before. I loved it.” — Chris Ware