Midnight City: Body Orchard

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Midnight City: Body Orchard
by GMB Chomichuk
Published by ChiZine Publications
$19.99 USD/$21.99 CAD

In this gripping and horrific final instalment in the Midnight City series, GMB Chomichuk takes us to the limit of his dark imagination, and the end of the line for The Risk, Maxima City’s last hope against an onslaught of terror. With The Midnight Society torn to shreds by the evil that has been lurking beneath it all this time, one man’s luck will run out as he stands on the brink with only his will against the dark desires of an ancient doom.

“In what has turned out to be his tightest, most accomplished work to date, Winnipeg artist GMB Chomichuk explores the horrifying framework propping up the fearless heroes of Maxima City with his signature craft and style.”

—Jason Wilkins, Broken Frontier