Michel Rabagliati

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Michel Rabagliati was born in 1961 in Montréal, where he grew up in Rosemont. After a brief foray into typography, he studied graphic design and, from 1981, worked freelance as a graphic artist. He became seriously involved in advertising illustration as of 1988. Since 1998, his graphic novels are stirring up the Québécois “9e art”. His series of Paul books was adapted into a live action film in 2015, and that film screened at TCAF in 2016.

Published by La Pastqeue, Rabagliati’s seven books released so far have made him a major figure of Quebec cartooning. In 2007, the Prix des libraires du Québec granted him a special award in recognition of his works. He was the first Québécois to win the Prix du public Fauve FNAC-SNCF, for Paul à Québec, at the 37th Festival international de la bande dessinée in Angoulême, France.

Michel Rabagliati’s work is published in English by Conundrum Books and by Drawn & Quarterly.

For TCAF 2017, Michel Rabagliati has designed and illustrated the label for PAUL: THE BEER (Biere PAUL Beer), brewed by Brasserie Dunham, and the first official TCAF Beer! He is also the illustrator of the Paul à Montréal exhibition which will hang at Toronto Reference Library from May 8 to May 18.

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