Michael Comeau

Creators / Featured Guests

Michael Comeau works on the wall, the print sheet and the page. Creating window displays and paste-up murals utilizing generations of street posters he created for parties, gigs, etc. His comic trilogy Hellberta won the Doug Wright award for experimental comics in 2012. Michael is debuting Winter’s Cosmos with Koyama Press, and will have an art show at The Beguiling alongside fellow Torontonian Fiona Smyth.


Koyama Press

Michael Comeau can be found at Table #159-161 (Koyama Press)


Mixed Media – Saturday, 10:00AM, Learning Centre (1st Floor, Library)

Spotlight: Fiona Smyth x Michael Comeau – Sunday, 12:00PM, Summerhill Ballroom (Marriott)