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Born in Belgium in 1982, Max de Radiguès is a cartoonist and a publisher at l’employé du Moi. He published several books in French for YA and adults.

In 2009-10, he was the fellow at the Center for Cartoon Studies. He published a weekly comics about his time there in a Belgian newspaper. The book anthology of those weekly comics was part of the famous Angoulême selection in 2012.

Along side his books, Max de Radiguès does a lot self-publishing. His graphics novels Rough Age and Moose were first published as a monthly subscription.
Max de Radiguès, as a publisher translated in French a lot of american cartoonist as Alec Lonstreth, John Porcellino, Ken Dahl, Noah Van Sciver, Jordan Crane, Charles Forsman, Ron Régé Jr. …

In the US, he collaborated with Charles Forsman as an editor for CABOOSE. His work have been published by Oily Comics, One Percent Press and Conundrum Press. His last book, Bastard won the highschool prize in Angoulême this year and will be published by Fantagraphics in fall 2018.

At TCAF 2018 Conundrum Press will debut his new work Weegee, a fictional biography of the photographer in collaboration with cartoonist Wauter Mannaert, who is also attending TCAF.

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Max de Radiguès can be found at Table #155-156 (Conundrum Press)


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