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Ricardo “Liniers” Siri is an Argentine cartoonist who is beloved in Latin America for his wildly successful comic strip Macanudo, which has been publishing in the prestigious Buenos Aires newspaper La Nación for nearly 15 years. He’s also known for his colorful, on-stage concert collaborations with Grammy-nominated musician Kevin Johansen. His Macanudo strip has won him fans throughout the world as well as hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It has also brought comparisons to the cartoonist heavyweights Charles Schultz and Bill Watterson. An artist with one foot in cartooning and the other in illustration, Liniers exists at the crossroads where commentary, politics, culture and comics come together. And like all of the great cartoonists of the past, his work is informed by historic and literary references, from Narnia and Lewis Carroll to Maus and even Stephen Colbert.

Liniers has also created outstanding picture books for TOON Books, with Françoise Mouly. When TOON published The Big Wet Balloon in 2013 he was virtually unknown in the United States.  Since then, he has published two further books with TOON and has made his mark with the publication of the first volumes of his Macanudo (which means cool, neat, nice), discovered and published by Enchanted Lion, with wonderful translations by Mara Lethem, and has landed numerous New Yorker Magazine covers as well, some of which are: “Straphangers”, “The Elephant in the Room” and “Hipster Stole.”

One of the most compelling aspects of Liniers’ work is that he is not detached. He takes the world as it is, but instead of being cool and ironic in the face of it, he remains curious and open.

He started to publish Macanudo in La Nacíon early in the 21st century, when political and daily life in Argentina were terrible and the prevailing attitude was very pessimistic. Instead of focusing on the big picture, which was awful, he decided to focus his strip on the little things––the small good things that are always there, but get lost in the big picture.

Liniers travels with a notebook and his watercolors and writes and draws no matter where he is. And those of us who know him have all seen it: the brush dipping into the glass of tap water as continues to eat and drink, drawing and responding to the world around him all the while.

Liniers has created well over 4,200 published comic strips, has published over twenty-five books in Spanish, and has published more than ten books in nine countries, from Brazil to France, Italy, and the Czech Republic. His first book to be published in English, The Big Wet Balloon has been both a critical and popular success was nominated for an Eisner award and was selected as a best book of 2013 by Parents Magazine. His Macanudo volumes have also received starred reviews and nominations. Moreover, the fourth volume of his Macanudo to appear in French was recently selected for the 2014 Angouléme Festival. Together with his wife Angie, Liniers also founded the comics publisher La Editorial Común, which publishes Latin American comics and Spanish translations of European and American comics. Liniers lives in Buenos Aires with his wife and three daughters––Matilda, Clementina, and Emma… No penguins though…Yet.


Enchanted Lion Books

Liniers can be found at Table #126-127


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