La Pastèque

Creators / Publishers

‘Les Éditions de la Pastèque’ have been publishing comic books and children’s albums for more than 17 years. Each title in their catalogue is conceived with the greatest aesthetic, graphic and artistic care. The high level of quality they demand and their rigorous selection of authors are key to the numerous prizes they have been awarded. Since its inception, La Pastèque has remained dedicated to producing quality books that are sensitive and moving. La Pastèque is the Montréal, Canada-based French-language publisher of numerous important comics authors, including their guests at TCAF 2017, Michel Rabagliati, Fanny Britt, & Isabelle Arsenault.

La Pastèque are also the organizers and supporters of Paul à Montréal!, the ‘Montréal 375’ commissioned exhibition of art featuring Michel Rabagliati’s Paul, that will be exhibited at Toronto Reference Library during TCAF.