Ho Che Anderson

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Ho Che Anderson is the author of numerous graphic novels, including the Martin Luther King biography, King, the horror thriller Sand & Fury, and the science-fiction action-adventure, Godhead. When he’s not drawing comics, Anderson is a crew member on film and TV sets, and a director of short films. Upcoming projects include Redcoat: Year One for Chapterhouse Comics, the King sequel, Caroline, and the feature film, Warhead. Ho Che Anderson is an official poster artist for TCAF 2018.

Fantagraphics Books

Ho Che Anderson can be found at Table #148-150 (Fantagraphics)


Truth Comes Out: Creating Comic Biographies – Saturday, 2:45PM, Beeton Auditorium (1st Floor, Library)

Spotlight: Ho Che Anderson, Sunday, 1:30PM, Summerhill Ballroom (Marriott)