Getting Out of Hope

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Getting Out of Hope
James Cadelli

ISBN 978-177262-014-6
6×8 inches, 208 pages, b/w, softcover, $18
Published by Conundrum Press

May 2017: Canada / UK
Sept 2017: US

Short Cuts meets Rear Window in this hilarious but poignant debut from James Cadelli. It follows six characters in parallel and loosely-connected situations. Three travelling dudes are stranded in Hope, a small, desolate town in the mountains of British Columbia. They find shelter in the basement of an apartment building after their RV breaks down. In this building also lives Jojo, an old woman in mourning. In the apartment above is Tom, an obnoxious drug dealer who plays the piano beautifully. Managing the whole place is Marie, the superintendent (and owner of three pugs) who is all work and no play. Although they all occupy the same building, share a common resentment of their living situation, and annoy each other in the hallways, none of them realize the extent to which their lives are intertwined. Yet they all hope for a better life. And that just might mean getting out of town… by any means necessary.

“With its likeable cast of weirdos, non-judgemental attitude toward recreational drugs, multi-dimensional characters who eventually reveal more than they choose to present, and dialogue that shows good observation skills, Getting Out of Hope is just such an enjoyable book to read. Plus, the RV looks like Reid Fleming’s milk truck!” — Joe Ollmann