Georgia Webber

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Georgia Webber is a comics artist and editor obsessed with health and health communication. She lives in Toronto, where she edits the Comics section of carte blanche, offers workshops, talks, and performances, and produces MAW Vocal Arts, a community event series celebrating the voice and all its creative uses. She is known for Dumb (Fantagraphics), her autobiographical series about living with a vocal disability.

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Georgia Webber can be found at Table #148-150 (Fantagraphics)


Spotlight: Hartley Lin x Georgia Webber – Saturday, 2:45PM, High Park Ballroom 1 (Marriott)

Personal Boundaries: Changing Shape of Memoir – Sunday, 12:00PM, Beeton Auditorium (1st Floor, Library)

Practical & Personal: Communicating Health in Comics – Sunday, 1:00PM, Beeton Auditorium (1st Floor, Library)