Gengoroh Tagame

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Gengoroh Tagame is a Japanese manga artist who specializes in gay BDSM erotic manga, many of which depict graphic violence. The men he depicts are hypermasculine, and tend to be on the bearish side.

Tagame began his career as a manga artist in 1982, while he was studying graphic design at Tama Art University (多摩美術大学). Around this time on his first trip to Europe he discovered the American hardcore S&M gay magazine DRUMMER. It featured a drawing by Bill Ward, who made a strong impression on my art.

Tagame has been called the most influential creator of gay manga in Japan to date, and “the most talented and most famous author of sado-masochistic gay manga”. Most of his work first appeared in gay magazines and usually feature sexual abuse. Tagame’s depiction of men as muscular and hairy has been cited as a catalyst for a shift in fashion amongst gay men in 1995, away from the clean-shaven and slender bishōnen stereotypes and towards a tendency for masculinity and chubbiness.

His recent work, My Brother’s Husband, was awarded an Excellence Award at the 19th Japan Media Arts Festival on November 27, 2015.[13] It is serialized in Futabasha‘s Monthly Action seinen magazine, and is about a single father who meets his brother’s husband after his brother passes away.