From Trudeau to Trudeau

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From Trudeau to Trudeau: Aislin 50 Years of Cartooning
By Aislin

Introduction by Bob Rae

AISLIN is the pen name used by cartoonist Terry Mosher for the past fifty years. Based in Montreal and working mainly for The Montreal Gazette, Aislin has also freelanced for many other publications including Maclean’s Magazine, The Toronto Star, Time Magazine and The New York Times. This latest collection, From Trudeau to Trudeau : Aislin Fifty Years of Cartooning, is Mosher’s 49th book.

“Aislin is Canada’s most celebrated shit-disturber. I admire that more than you can imagine.” – Comedian Rick Mercer

ISBN : 9780995825505

Size : 216 mm x 229 mm / 8.5” x 9”

Pages : 280 Illustrations: 232 colour / 133 b&w

Price : 29.95 CAD


Aislin Inc. Publishing