Fourscore Phantasmagores

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Fourscore Phantasmagores
by Rupert Bottenberg
With a Foreword by Steven Erikson and Ian C. Esselmont
Published by ChiZine
$19.99 USD/$21.99 CAD

Dare you confront a fearsome Uzult in its unholy stronghold? Will you brave the malevolent mists of the Miasmagon? Can you resist the Volupyrie’s tempest of temptation?

Within these pages lurk eighty hitherto unheard-of entities of the imagination, each one vividly described and illustrated. Fourscore Phantasmagores is a compendium of creatures great and small, vile and virtuous, mundane, and magical. Creatures of the waters, earth, air, and ether, some sympathetic, others utterly sinister.

Drawing on a diversity of styles and techniques, from the realm of high fantasy and far beyond, artist and writer Rupert Bottenberg conjures up a panoply of preternatural apparitions. It is a rich read for the fantasy aficionado—and a bountiful resource for the role-playing gamer.

“Rupert’s creatures are equal parts whimsical and unsettling in a way that takes me back to playing D&D with my cousins and voraciously reading about monsters and myths. Open up this tantilizing tome and get ready for a trip.”

—Jim Zub, writer of Dungeons & Dragons and Conan: Red Sonja