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Eddie Campbell is an award-winning comics writer and artist. He’s probably best known for his collaboration with Alan Moore on From Hell, and for his massive and long-running comics series’ Bacchus and the autobiographical Alec, now both available in very large collected editions. His other graphic novels include The Lovely Horrible Stuff, After the Snooter, Black Diamond Detective agency, The Playwright, and Fate of the Artist.  He is attending TCAF to premier Bizarre Romance with his partner Audrey Niffenegger.

Abrams Books

Eddie Campbell can be found at Table #111-112 (ABRAMS)


Creative Couples – Saturday, 3:00PM, Hinton Learning Theatre (3rd Floor, Library)

Spotlight: Audrey Niffenegger x Eddie Campbell – Sunday, 10:30AM, Hinton Learning Theatre (3rd Floor, Library)

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