Adam Warren


Adam Warren was one of the first writer/ artists in American comics to strongly integrate the artistic and storytelling techniques of manga into his own work, debuting in 1988 with an original, English-language comics adaptation of the popular Japanese SF characters The Dirty Pair. In the years since, he has worked as writer and artist on a wide and varied array of comics projects, including Gen13 and Titans: Scissors, Paper, Stone for DC Comics, Iron Man: Hypervelocity and Livewires for Marvel Comics, and even a miniseries based on the “old-school” anime Bubblegum Crisis—not to mention occasional dabbling in magazine, videogame, and RPG illustration work. Nowadays, most of his long hours at the drawing table are spent writing and penciling the creator-owned graphic-novel series Empowered, an ongoing “sexy superhero comedy”—except when it isn’t—about the trials, tribulations, and body-image issues of a struggling yet valiant young “C-List” superheroine.